Impact of AI on the Web Hosting Industry

A lot is changing in the way businesses are operating, and radically too. With more adoption of automation and machine learning, every industry is experiencing a shift in their regular functions, particularly those who thrive solely on progressive technology. Web hosting is one of them. Hosting companies around the world are harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to drive their managed hosting services, especially with respect to Multi-Cloud or private Cloud Hosting environments. This helps them across various functions like monitoring, patching, and managing servers and huge volumes of data.

Cloud Hosting

By deriving actionable insights from AI and machine learning, hosting companies are not only being able to streamline their processes better but also enhance their users’ experience.

Let us look at how AI is making an impact on the web hosting landscape:

  1. Site owners are experiencing better productivity

Automation proves to be a catalyst in improving productivity, especially in labor-intensive functions which require a lot of time. By integrating AI, people have largely reduced the human involvement in tasks like data analysis or processing. This saves time as resources can be utilized in roles which can benefit from human interaction. Also, this allows site owners to have better control over their data through regular reports, audits etc. and all in real time. Additionally, AI is also being used for site operations like installing updates, handling software configurations, addressing software issues etc. and all this in lesser time, and for a lesser cost.

When each of these individual outputs come together, they contribute to the overall productivity of people.

  1. Websites are experiencing better performance

In other words, we mean improved uptime. AI tools can be programmed to do pretty much anything that site administrators want to be done on the website from traffic surges, to keeping an eye on network loss. These tools have algorithms that observe and identify patterns whenever they appear. And when they do, like in case of a sudden spike in site traffic, it alerts the admin who takes necessary actions to scale up the resources, specifically in a Cloud Hosting environment. Thus, there is no time lapse between a change in site traffic and keeping the site up and running.

  1. There is an increased level of security

Most AI solutions are built in a manner so they can recognize security threats. The moment they see a constant pattern leading to a threat, they raise a flag instantly so administrators can address the issue before it can cause damage to the site. Many transactional websites have succeeded in blocking malicious software by integrating AI. Thus, machine learning has positively impacted site security of websites.

On a parting note…

These are some of the areas where AI has started to benefit the web hosting industry. But this is just the tip of the iceberg because machine learning itself is at its early stages of being developed into what would be a new and improved way to manage and operate websites (among other businesses). If you are a site owner or administrator, it is time to take your website to the next level and look at hosting options that allow you to reap the benefits of the latest technology.